About Freda


Based in Yateley, Hampshire, on the borders of Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey, travel is optimal with access from both the M3 (Jct. 4 or 4a) and M4.

Who am I?

I trained at the UK College of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in London to achieve government accredited qualification based on National Occupational Standards and the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework.

In its purest form "Focused Attention" has always been an interest of mine. Focused Attention has been an integral part of much of my experience - from studying Indigenous cultures, to meditation, to teaching preschool children using the Montessori Method. While there are many names for this attention, ("trance", "meditation", "absorbtion", or "concentration" just to mention a few), they come back to the fundamental concept of intense internal focus on a specific idea or concept.

Having a child diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome focused my attention specifically on the areas of relaxation, cognitive processing, learning, and self-awareness. Many years were spent researching AS and Austistic Spectrum Disorders. While not a trained hypnotherapist at that time, many of the skills used to assist in my son's growth seem to be the same used in Hypnotherapy and CBT Hypnotherapy and Problem-Solving Therapy. It seemed logical progression to refine the skills and use them further to help others.

So, I can testify from first hand experience that the techniques are successful, no matter what they are called!

The Way I Work

With transparency, with you, for you.

Our alliance in solving your problems is vital. I believe Assessment is vital, as it is imperative the correct issues can be addressed. Being methodical and thorough, we will work together, making a treatment plan which you understand and you WANT to do. Treatment will not only be in the consulting room, but also consist of reading, exercises or activities you will do as "homework". The goal is help you, not only in the moment, but to teach you skills to be able to help yourself long after our sessions are completed.

Alternative Lifestyles

I offer totally non-judgemental therapy. While an alternative lifestyle may not be pertinent to issues discussed, it is extremely important to any therapeutic relationship that a client feels able to be open and honest without fear of embarrassment or therapy being terminated.

I do not offer services specifically designed for, or targeted at, clients with alternative lifestyles. However, I am aware of, friendly to, and knowledgable of varied lifestyles and advertise as such elsewhere.

Freda Minton Dipl. Hyp., GHRQP, MNCH (Lic)
Freda Minton
Dipl. Hyp., GQHP, MNCH (Lic)